Overnight pet stays ensures your pet has 24 hour company so they won't get lonely while you are away.
Prior to the stay we will visit you and your pet so they know us. We can also discuss in full detail exactly what you and your pet require while you are away. Please ensure sufficient food/treats etc are available for the stay.

The stay consists of us "moving in" to your home for the time arranged. This means your pet will not be stressed out (usually dogs get very unhappy when put in kennels or are boarded for long periods of time). 

While you’re away:

  • Fresh food and water every day or as instructed
  • Two walks per day for dogs (or as required depending on pets age and medical conditions)
  • Emptying cat litter trays
  • Playtime and relaxing as your pet is accustomed to
  • We can provide photo updates (email,whatsapp etc) so you don’t miss your pets
  • On longer stays rubbish collection, post etc will be taken care of
  • Fish or small animals (hamster, rabbits or birds) feeding included if needed

Leaving your home just as you left it

​Overnight Pet Stays

Phone: 07841 596602 or 07719 066706