We know that your pet is happiest in their own home. A few days before you leave, we will arrange to visit you to meet your pet, so that they are acquainted with us and to discuss their needs.

On each visit we will ensure fresh water is provided and fresh food is put down as instructed by you (food and treats are provided by you so that your pet's diet is not disrupted, so please leave enough).


We will clean all bowls and any mess around the feeding area.

‚ÄčIf there is a litter tray present we will clean the tray regularly and all around the surrounding area, even if you are only away for a brief time.

please ensure enough cat litter and any extras like newspaper and rubbish bags are provided.

As we understand your pet may pine for you we will make a fuss and play with them (if they want us to), we NEVER just put the food down and leave. 

Keeping your pet happy and content is our mission and we will endeavour to make sure your pet is calm and relaxed when you get home.

As part of the service if you advise us before you leave, we can do any extras such as picking up post, watering plants, taking the rubbish out and leaving the house as instructed (lights turned on/off and curtains drawn) also we can feed fish (indoor or outdoors) as instructed.


If your pet requires medication we can discuss this in full with you.

Phone: 07841 596602 or 07719 066706

Pet and Cat Sitting.